Record debt of Poles

All loans have that they must be repaid. Like we all know, and yet the current data on the debt of Poles for almost 74 billion PLN did not come from nowhere.

Telecommunications agreements, loans and maintenance are our national Achilles heels, which clearly show how serious we have a problem with timely repayment. Who and for what goes to the debtors’ bases? How to avoid it, since the cost of living is still rising? Let’s try to answer these questions.

Maximum indebtedness: as of October 2017


The National Register of Debtors regularly publishes information on Polish debts. Data collected at the beginning of October indicate that the average value of debts of an average unreliable debtor is almost PLN 25,020. The ERIF report of the Economic Information Bureau shows that it is almost PLN 1.4 billion more than at the beginning of this year. This was undoubtedly influenced by the holidays, when we more often and willingly allow ourselves to financial madness. Then we are more willing to take a loan to go anywhere. Only Christmas can compete with this summer period, so the number of indebted Poles this year may still surprise us. It is also possible that someone new will join the group of record debtors, currently numbering 17 people.

Could it be worse? Unfortunately yes

Life is becoming more and more expensive, so more often there will be a situation when the amount of our income is not enough to cope with all obligations. Not without significance is also the lack of respect for money and the faint knowledge of Poles regarding banking products, loan companies and the latest reports that this is how the adventure with borrowing and debt begins.

Current debt of Poles according to BIG data


It turns out that Poles are more and more willingly in debt. There would be no problem if the liabilities were paid on time. Unfortunately, statistics give no illusions. It is worse every year, and the current value of overdue payments, i.e. Poles’ debt, amounts to almost PLN 74 billion.

Of course, it should be remembered that these are not only arrears resulting from loans. However, the fact that PLN 34.04 billion is just late payment of credit products may cause concern. This amount is PLN 2.27 billion higher than in 2017. Unfortunately, all the parameters rise from year to year.

Who and what is in debt?

Who and what is in debt?

Men constitute the vast majority in Poland when it comes to indebted people, although the proportion of women is gradually increasing. According to research from 2018, those between 35 and 44 years of age are most indebted. The value of their debts is currently estimated at around PLN 21.6 billion. A study by the National Debt Register shows that almost a quarter of these men were admitted to the KRD due to non-payment of maintenance.

Another part does not regulate communication charges (these are mainly telephone, television and internet charges). After all, roughly 25% have difficulty paying back loan installments. Women’s debts usually result from delays in telecommunication contract fees. Even in 2017, a woman was a record debtor. Currently, however, the man took the lead. What is the largest debt in Poland? About this in a moment.